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Many thanks to the families who have shared their stories here to gift others with ideas of creative possibility. Our clients are not obliged to share excerpts, images or videos of their completed life story books.



As a family, we are incredibly grateful that we have something so special to remember Dad by and look forward to sharing his legacy with his grandchildren.”~Mark Stephan






“I ended up crying after I finished reading. Made me very emotional… a beautiful book. Thank you Fran.” ~Monina Torres





“This booklet is something that I would have LOVED to have had when had when I was going through it.”




Our intention is to provide more examples of published stories for you to get a feel for what is possible. Many clients wish to share their published life stories only with close family and friends and their privacy and confidentiality is paramount.

Please check back here regularly to see more examples from clients who are happy to share portions of their stories more publicly.

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