‘Full Life’ Story Support

An enriching experience. A priceless gift

‘Full Life’ Story Support

Do you know someone who would benefit from writing their life story but just needs the support to do it?

‘Full Life’ Story Support is suitable for people who:

  • Like the structure of an experienced facilitator every step of the way, knowing the job will get done
  • Are time poor
  • Value having an experienced life story facilitator who can ‘draw out’ a story, who is independent of the family and without preconceived ideas
  • Require ‘assisted living’ – living in aged care or with a serious or life threatening illness

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

Matter of Life provides ‘Full Life’ Story Support (ghostwriting), where we do the writing whilst capturing your story in your words and ‘voice’:

Over six 1 hour audio-recording sessions, and with curiosity, empathy and encouragement, your life’s experiences are heard, creating opportunities for:

  • Personal reflection, one step removed
  • Remembering what has been achieved
  • Looking at this stage in life in the context of the whole
  • Focussing away from illness, doctors or medications
  • Indulging a captive audience
  • Expressing meaningful experiences and feelings
  • Passing on tributes, ideas, information, philosophies and values
  • Healing of self and relationships

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2. Spoken to written word

  • Audio is transcribed by Matter of Life, edited and sequenced.
  • Drafts are shared back with clients who give their approval as the story builds

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3. Working on the words

Matter of Life lightly edits drafts, events are sequenced and content reviewed for grammar, spelling and checked where there is information available.

We work in close partnership with our client, who are always in control of what is included or omitted, and how their life story is expressed on paper.

As drafts develop, they are regularly approved by our client.


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Once the life story is finalised (with client approval), you receive it as a printed manuscript, word document and pdf. Matter of Life can then design and publish the book in multiple formats and styles.

Matter of Life lovingly crafts and details your loved one’s life story. Families may come together and jointly fund the cost of our services – a unique gift to your loved one, and an investment into the future of your family legacy.


‘Full Life’ Story Support is competitively priced at $3,000. If funds are an issue, then we are happy to discuss and negotiate a price.

See our FAQs for more information.

Please contact us for an obligation-free 30 minute consultation at no cost.

Wanting to publish the life story as a hardcover, softcover book or e-book? See our design and publication services.


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