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Living forever in story

Create a book about your lost loved one

The death of a loved one is the most profound loss that we can ever experience. Whilst the pain is real and often lasting, in small but significant ways we can ease our suffering and move through grief by celebrating and honouring their memory.

Matter of Life supports bereaved families to create a written collection of memories and reflections of their deceased loved one.

Bespoke and tailor-made to you and your family, we support you to create a truly unique and lasting memento:

  • An intimate tribute to the life of your loved one
  • A commemoration of a life lived
  • Honouring their legacy which lives on now, and into the future

We liaise with family members and friends, including children, who can contribute:

  • Reminiscences, anecdotes and stories of their deceased loved one
  • Reflections
  • Poetry, artwork, drawings
  • Photos & memorabilia

“Don’t let them be forgotten.”

Matter of Life Memorial Books is a specialised service based on human empathy and compassion. It is not a book that is bought ‘off-the-shelf’ and written into, nor is it a computerised program. Tailor-made to your situation, the services offered can include:

  • Project management – liaison with prospective contributors (family and friends), setting and monitoring of deadlines for content, organisation of content
  • Facilitation in development of memorial content (usually during face-to-face home visits) – through conversation, prompting questions and ‘audio-recording to text’ sessions
  • Feedback, editing and proofreading support for contributed content
  • Collation of digital images, scanning of photos and artwork, editing of images, placement of images into book
  • Professional desktop publishing and book production using Adobe InDesign & professional printers

Matter of Life acknowledge that a person’s life is made up of many often complex dimensions and relationships, and that our views of a deceased person are naturally through the lens of our own subjective experience with them. Our services are provided with both:

  • The utmost sensitivity to families experiencing grief and bereavement, and
  • Discretion around information shared privately and more publicly

Pricing for this service depends on the number of people contributing content, and the type, quantity and quality of content contributed, and timeframes.

Please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and discuss your particular needs.

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