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Mentoring and Editing

Want to write your life story yourself but just need some assistance? Looking to preserve your personal story for your children, grandchildren and friends but just need some help? Or perhaps you need some guidance to document your life’s passions, work, family, hobbies or travels?


Matter of Life mentoring encourages and assists you to overcome barriers to writing, ensuring you start, continue and finish writing your life story with confidence and ease. Tailored to your needs, mentoring support includes:

Practical support

  • What to include, what not to include, and structures to suit your story
  • Organise the process - sequencing events, managing multiple drafts/files
  • Manage limited time and set manageable goals or regular practices
  • Learn and develop strategies, memory prompts, writing practices and ideas

Physical resourcing

  • Technology advice (computer word processing, desktop publishing, online tools etc)
  • Mementos and memorabilia to support writing


  • Manage your 'inner critic' and perfectionism
  • Address or manage painful experiences in your past with self-care, kindness and discretion
  • Explore ways to manage or express potentially sensitive topics for family and friends with discretion and tact
  • Stay focused on your intention for writing
  • Finish and enjoy the gift of your story for yourself and others

Matter of Life mentoring includes:

  • Regular guidance, advice and support (1 hour/week) face-to-face (if practical), or by phone, Skype or email
  • Ongoing editing of up to 1,000 words/fortnight


  • $129/month (less than $30/week)
  • $700 for 6 months (less than $27 week)

Contact us to discuss your mentoring needs and receive a free 30 minute consultation.


It is very easy to overlook details when we are absorbed in re-reading our drafts. Even the most gripping story can lose its power if the reader is continually tripping on words that are not quite 'right'.

Matter of Life editing support can help you improve the overall quality of writing. Bring more clarity to expression, remove inconsistencies or errors, resulting in more impactful writing.

Gain constructive feedback on your drafts, polish, refine and enhance your draft whilst ensuring readers can 'hear your voice' in your story. Improve the readability of your story with Matter of Life editing support:

  • Help from the idea stage through to the final draft
  • Suggest topics, help with research, verify facts and plan the structure of the manuscript
  • Work with you on successive drafts, looking at the structure of your story as much as the words and meaning

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Substantive editing

  • Ensure sections lead logically from one to another, that there is consistency and flow, and that the right amount of information is presented
  • Make sure conclusions are sound and come from what has been presented
  • Usually undertaken after you have completed several drafts – identifying weaknesses and suggesting options to strengthen those areas
  • Examining both the big picture and the fine details of your draft (including grammar, spelling and punctuation).

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When the draft is nearly finished (it has been edited, laid out and designed), look for typographical errors – minor text and formatting errors and confirm the story is ready for publication

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Contact us to discuss your editing needs and receive a free 30 minute consultation.

Want your book professionally designed and published? Find out about Matter of Life book design and production services.

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