Terms & Conditions


Matter of Life refers to the business entity ABN 29 280 989 727.

Biographer refers to the person facilitating the life story telling, recording, writing, editing and publication process.

Client refers to the person working with the biographer to tell, write and share their life story.

Life story refers to the content shared by clients during recording sessions, transcribed, edited and prepared for publication

Home refers to the the client’s place of residence

Partner agreement refers to the form signed by client and biographer prior to commencement which outlines the service and sets expectations.

Publication refers to the production of hardcopy books or an e-book.

Family refers to

Competency refers to

  1. Accuracy of information – The information contained in published stories through Matter of Life are the opinion of our clients as compiled and prepared by Matter of Life. Matter of Life attempts to verify information where possible but do not warrant the accuracy of such information.
  2. Copyright & intellectual property & sharing of publications – Permission must first be granted by Matter of Life in order to distribute of life stories for commercial purposes.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality of client informationMatter of Life will act in accordance with the Privacy Act ????.  Transcription of audio material takes place in a private area. All draft materials are stored in a secure area or device. Draft material is not left with clients or families unless in exceptional circumstances agreed with all parties. Sessions are between the client and biographer, unless it is agreed by the biographer and client that another person (eg. family member) is to be present.
  4. Home Visits – Sessions between the client and biographer should be held in a quiet and private room, typically in the client’s place of residence. Clients should ensure that the home environment is safe for the biographer. For aged care facilities and retirement villages with sign-in book, the biographer will sign in on arrival and sign out on departure. The biographer will not administer any medications to clients or engage in manual lifting. For Skype sessions, clients must ensure the privacy of spoken words in their immediate space.
  5. Approval of drafts and final publication – the biographer will make every effort to review drafts with the client and gain their approval of draft content. Clients (and in some cases their family) will approve the final draft prior to production of final hardcopies or e-books.
  6. Publications for promotionMatter of Life will obtain client’s consent to share hardcopy or electronic copies of published life stories, or final extracts, for the purposes of promoting our services.
  7. Disposal of draft material – After clients and/or families receive the final publication, all draft material will be destroyed by Matter of Life, including text drafts and audio voice recordings.
  8. FeedbackMatter of Life welcomes feedback and testimonials for our services. On completion of our services clients and their families will be invited to complete a feedback form.
  9. Timeframes – once the manuscript is finalised, Matter of Life sends it to our printers and client’s can expect the hardcopies to be ready after 30 days. If copies are needed urgently then basic A4 copies can be produced for clients at$.
  10. Cancellation & Refund Policy – the process for cancellations and refunds will be outlined in writing prior to acquiring Matter of Life services
  11. Payment schedule – a schedule of payments will be agreed upon in writing prior to acquiring Matter of Life services.
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