What clients & families say

Testimonials from “Full Life” Story clients and families:


What a beautiful way to honour someone and share the memories that held significance in their life. Through my Dad’s biography, I actually learned so many things about his life that I never knew before. Thank you Francis for all your patience, time and effort you gave throughout the entire process. The finished product is of high quality and professionally presented, complete with many photos. Dad’s biography was an invaluable experience for him and a special keepsake that will be treasured by all the family.

~Rowena Inton


“This is a recommendation that transcends business value and great service.

I often read my father’s biography written by Francis and immediately feel a sense of connection. Francis was able to become the mouthpiece for my ailing father and has enshrined his legacy in a brilliantly written biography. Outside of my memory it is probably the most tangible evidence of my father’s brilliant life and existence to me.

What you have done for our family is invaluable and I can’t wait to become an advocate for your work.”

~Joe Stephan


“Thank you for being a good friend to my husband, the late Magdy Stephan. As a family (Joseph, James, Mark, and I), we all appreciate the wonderful biography you did for us, it helps us remember him . Glad to hear that you are continuing your good work with helping lots of families remembering their loved ones.”

~Violette Stephan


“My personal experience with the biography you wrote for my father was very positive. In particular, the level of care shown to accurately represent Dad’s journey was something I remember vividly (even as a young teenager).

For Dad, your work was a way he could paint a picture of his life for his family but also a means for him to self-reflect which I know was an important source of therapy for him in his final years. Dad often commented positively on his experience with you and considered your caring demeanour and the services you provided as a blessing.

I often refer to Dad’s biography as a source of motivation when I am feeling down and it has helped me in my own life many times. As a family, we are incredibly grateful that we have something so special to remember Dad by and look forward to sharing his legacy with his grandchildren.”

~Mark Stephan


Workshop participants say:


“The sessions were interesting and enjoyable. The format, and your approach, allowed for so much interaction between you and us, and between the participants, that I found myself opening up to new possibilities. I certainly feel it was a worthwhile process for me.” ~Naomi

“I very much appreciated the different perspectives of the participants and the empathetic way in which the sessions were conducted. A definite stimulus to ‘get on with the writing’ and some new ideas to include in my story.Thank you so much for your time and for the very professional way in which the sessions were conducted.” ~Judy

“The sessions have given me the motivation to get started. It was lovely to share thoughts and feelings with other people.” ~Sandra

Both interesting and valuable. Your personal manner and style of presentation are wonderful Francis. You manage to make people so comfortable in your presence.” ~John


Mentoring participants say:


“I have recently enjoyed some very productive mentoring sessions with Francis. 

I had been working on my story for some time without any outside help and found these mentoring sessions were a great aid in helping me to define my aims, organising my material on the computer and in setting achievable goals. The guidance and encouraging feedback from Francis gave me a great impetus and set me back on task with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

He is a very warm, friendly person and very reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending him.” ~Elizabeth


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