Discover & share what is uniquely yours

Our gifts are found in our stories and our stories are our gifts to each other.

Matter of Life honours elders, retirees and people with serious illness – assisting them to tell, write and publish their life story.

Word by word, draw together the strands of your life into a handcrafted tapestry – your unique story.

Create an interwoven fabric of your life’s experiences – the people you’ve met, the places you’ve seen, and the things you’ve felt. Capture what is most important to you, in your words.

The essence of you.

Journey through your past, perhaps finding more understanding around the present, and future hopes and aspirations.

Let your story be known, what you’ve stood for, and loved the most.

Share your  handcrafted, tailor-made story with family and close friends. Your mark on this world, offering deeper insights into what has moved you through life and cultural eras of times gone by.

Matter Of Life helps your family to create a precious and unique gift, enjoyed now, and by future generations. A lasting and permanent legacy and memory that lives beyond this life, forever in the hearts of those most dear.

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