Through Thick & Thin

By Rufino Torres


“What a beautiful way to honour someone and share the memories that held significance in their life. Through my Dad’s biography, I actually learned so many things about his life that I never knew before.

Thank you Francis for all your patience, time and effort you gave throughout the entire process. The finished product is of high quality and professionally presented, complete with many photos. Dad’s biography was an invaluable experience for him and a special keepsake that will be treasured by all the family.”

~Rowena Torres 


Title:              Through Thick And Thin

Author:          Rufino Torres


During our sessions we reminisced on Rufino’s rich life from: early years in the Philippines, architecture, meeting the love of his life, coming to Australia, painting, and family life. Including tributes, we explored the fullness of life that inspired his chosen title, “Through Thick & Thin”.

“My life is very plain and simple, no big dramas. I hope whoever gets a hold of this book will find joy in reading it.” 

~Rufino Torres


Matter of Life Services provided:


Publication Details:

  • First edition January 2018
  • Second edition April 2018

Design Elements:

  • Cover design based on original artwork by Rufino Torres
  • 118 pages, 56 photo images inserted (scanned by Matter of Life and emailed by family)
  • 4 architectural designs by Rufino Torres photographed and inserted by Matter of Life
  • 2 original artwork (paintings) by Rufino Torres photographed and inserted + artwork for cover
  • Image summary: 10 double spreads, 9 single spreads

Production Details:

  • Hardcover imagewrap and softcover edition produced, both were: 15×23 cm (6×9 inches), white end sheet, standard trade paper (colour), matte finish.
  • Copies sent to relatives as gifts in the Philippines and the USA


“I ended up crying after I finished reading. Made me very emotional. It is coming out to be a beautiful book. Thank you Fran.”

~Monina Torres

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