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Why Share your Life Story?

Preserve your family legacy

  • Create a record of your life to pass on to your children and grandchildren
  • Preserve your family history and family stories
  • Inform later generations about what life was like, what people thought in your era, and not just what historians have said
  • Pass on tributes or ideas, values and perspectives on life

Reflect on your life in an enjoyable activity

  • Gain perspective on all the things that have happened and how you came to be the person you are today
  • Reminisce on happy times
  • Acknowledge the key people that have influenced your life
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones
  • A fun, purposeful and productive activity

If you receive aged care services or live with a life threatening illness, writing your life story can also:

  • Often bring healing through seeing the broader context of the whole
  • Work on a project focussing away from difficult situations eg. illness, loss of independence, pain, treatments etc
  • Enjoy a purposeful activity with a real and valuable outcome
  • Feel relief knowing you will be remembered

Your story is a gift

Families, friends and coming generations enjoy reading their loved one’s life story, both now and into the future. When you share your life story they gain:

  • A deeper insight and understanding into their loved one’s life
  • An appreciation of cultural histories of another era
  • New opportunities to start conversations
  • A permanent legacy treasured now and beyond this life

Our clients are often independent retirees, or people needing ‘assisted living’ (elderly, living in an aged care home, or requiring ongoing care or palliative care due to a serious or life-threatening illness).

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Why share your life story?










“Being guided to think back over the time, one thing led to another and I kept remembering all these moments I’d forgotten ever happened. I was so happy with the chance to share my story, and to give my kids a gift. They all wanted copies.”

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